Mar. 19th, 2009

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An afternoon in Copenhagen. Plenty of walking, strolling around town, searching for a Danish translation of Asterix (found) and an English translation of Dan Turell (failed), as always hunting books. Suddenly I see the statue. A statue of someone in a comfy chair reading. As a book addict, always a good sign. I cross the road to take a picture, see who he is. Hartmann is his name. Never heard of him.

Up close I notice that he is not reading a book. A book, even when in a statue, has several pages. This seems like just a book cover. Is he sitting with a menu? Is he trying to decide what to take for afters?

Back home Wikipedia (off course) has the answer. Johan Peter Emilius Hartmann is a Danish composer, with German ancestry. Yet I do not know why a composer is portrayed sitting down. And I still don't know him. Yet sometimes I feel one can know too much. I liked the menu option much better...


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