Mar. 30th, 2009

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A nice site, worth visiting again and again, every sunday after the update is Postsecret. The idea is simple. Everyone has a secret. Because it is a secret, you can't share it with anyone. But if you send a postcard to postsecret, you can share your secret anonimously, nobody will found out that it is your postcard. After more than four years a huge archive has been filled. And obvious, the site being popular, money can be made. Selling a book for example.

The site gets a better explanation than mine via WikiPedia or for my Dutch friends through the Nederlandse WikiPedia. And off course the Dutch have copied the idea and made their owen version: Briefgeheimen. (does anyone know other languages as well? There must be some...)

The idea is especially good, as still, after tens of thousands of secrets, people still do an effort to be original, to write a unique postcard. One can encounter very comical secrets, but also some really harrowing. One reads about abortions that not even husbands know about, about secret affairs, then again about weird fantasies or funny thoughts. It is just worth a visit every week.


Alternatively, there is the feed here on LiveJournal (Postsecret). Do as over 35.000 livejournallers have done..


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