Jul. 30th, 2005 03:26 pm
gerbie: (beach bum)
We arrived in Brasil last night, after a good flight. Business class with a 50% discount was worth it. We stayed in Punta Negra for the night and spent a couple of hours on the beach there this morning.

This afternoon we moved to Natal and immediately arranged our bus trip for tomorrow: 18 hours to Salvador. Brasil is big...

Funny thing happened at the airport. With 2 backpacks we were lucky to be the first ones through customs. I already someone trying to talk to us, but ignored him at first, as I thought he was one of those hasselers at airports trying to sell me something. When a bit later we were changing money at the bank, he came up to us and tried to talk to us in Portuguese. We understood he was from the local paper and wanted to ask us why the flight was delayed. He hardly understood English, so I tried in Spanish. I managed somehow to explain that the delay had been caused in Amsterdam by the plane needing an extra check up after a flight from Curacao (famous drug route). He then tried asking a few more questions and even wrote down my name. So possibly I might be in some newspaper today somewhere around here. Already famous and I´m not even here 24 hours yet...


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