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I hope my daughter will refrain from using the VHS for quite a few years.
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A simple change can make a sport so much more attractive...
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Obviously during the holiday season, television is big on old feel good movies. This one is an old favourite of mine. I fell into it, well over halfway. Didn't really matter, as the end is the best anyway.

I love Cool Runnings, based on the true story of the Jamaican Bobsleigh team. The moment the four boys pick up their sleigh and walk towards the finish line always brings tears to my eyes. The moment the East German competitor starts clapping and breaks the silence is great as well. What a lovely movie!

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In a pizza restaurant it is easy to order a pizza. But what would happen if one ordered it elsewhere?
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Everybody around the world remembers Nathalee Holloway. She disappeared from Aruba, Dutch crime-reporter claims to have solved the case, Joran van der Sloot as culprit. However, according to above documentary (watch the trailer) her mother isn't as innocent as she claims to be. How come she was already in a plane heading for Aruba, with posters printed, before the news of her disappearance became known?

Another Conspiracy theory?

I don't know who to believe. Not Peter R. de Vries, but I also had and still have my doubts about Beth Holloway.
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One of the series I try to watch often is Never mind the Buzzcocks on the BBC. Nowadays, after Mark Lamarr leaving, with some guests back for their fourth appearance not as bad as I used to, but luckily there is YouTube to bring us back some of the great moments.

This clip is from the round 'what happens next?'. Chris Eubank is doing the countdown in TOTP. I remember watching the episode. I remember still ROFL (thought I'd do some modern internetspeak) watching the rerun. And it is still funny watching it on YouTube now!
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I can imagine one has a stupid idea someday. Nothing wrong with that. It gets worse if you try out the stupid idea. Still not a problem. Someone else decides to use a camera, it gets even worse, but one can still keep things private.

Why does someone think that the whole world has to see this video through YouTube?
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Sunday morning. I switch on the television, the Tour de France will start soon. A music program. I have seen it before. Mostly jazz or something else obscure. But I had never seen something like this before. This man, who looks like an ordinary office clerk, is singing. At least, later in the interview he, Phil Minton (here solo) is his name, calls it singing. I am fascinated. I can't say this will be my new music hero. I am quite sure, Minton will never reach a huge audience, but I like the fact that he exists. He and his band Speeq.

And luckily somebody had put it on YouTube. The song is called Trine. If you are going to watch, please do watch the whole fragment. Switching off after twelve seconds is not done.
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My cousin Andre is a Dutch artist fairly known throughout the whole country. As a comedian he performs in theatres, as a musician the other months of the year on stages as well. He has written one of the best Dutch songs ever.

And even though most of you won't understand Dutch, I recommend you to listen, as the song will touch regardless. Apart from that, someone did an effort and translated the lyrics and put them next to the song on YouTube. Go and listen. Not because he is my cousin, but because I'm sure this song deserves more attention.
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A quarter of a century ago I was a big U2 fan. I listened to 'War' every day, discovered 'Boy' and 'October'. I bought singles for their b-sides and 12inches for a remix. 'The unforgettable fire' was due to come out and I was looking forward to the new album.

Every tuesday morning I took a radio to school. I didn't own a walkman yet, so I had to take a portable radio, on top of my schoolbag, to listen to my favourite radio show at the time. The local DJ introduced a German artist to the Netherlands. Herbert Grönemeyer had just made a great album '4630 Bochum' with a great song on it. 'Flugzeuge im bauch' is still one of my all time favourites.

Come 2007, Grönemeyer is performing in Rostock, a manisfestation. He is playing 'Mensch' from the album with the same name, great tune. Then somebody enters the stage. A familiar face, someone who has been trying to save the world for ages. He joins in. Bono singing in German, I never thought I'd see that day. He reads the lyrics from a note. Pronounces word badly. Hasn't got a clue what he is singing, even sings the wrong lines with the tune. But it is still Bono singing.

Two of my childhood heroes on one stage. I wish I had seen it with my own eyes. I'm almost back feeling a teenager.
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I don't know where this comes from. Nor do I know what they are aiming at, but it sure made me laugh. Kobe meets Jackass or something like that.
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Japanese television is weird for us westerners. But it can be fun to watch as well. Flashmobs have come in and gone out of fashion very quick. But I can imagine that these 100 had a lot of fun together.
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Nearly one year away from home, in a country completely different from mine. Culture shock was an understatement. I thoroughly enjoyed living in the Dominican Republic. I learned to speak their version of Spanish. I read their papers. Went to baseball games. Mocked the president (sorry Mr. Balaguer).

I have to admit though, I'm not a big fan of their music. There is only so much Merengue a man can bear. Yet, again, one comes to appreciate the culture, the music is part of it.

El Perrito (little doggy) is a dance that became very popular in the year I was there. One could see it in the bars and open air clubs of Boca Chica. Ladies in skimpy dresses, sticking their Caribbean behinds backwards as far as possible. Then, on the beat, move it doggy style. Not classy, fun to watch though :-)

Now, looking back, nearly 15 years, the clip brings back the image.
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Two of my heroes. Comedians and writers, great thinkers. Ben Elton and Stephen Fry together in Saturday Live.
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One of the subjects I teach is Geography, specialising in Tourism. Several of my students complain about the number of countries they have to learn. 6 or 7 countries in one exam apparently is way too much. Not strange, knowing a lot of them start learning the evening before the exam.

Little Lilly in this video has started well in time. According to her parents she was 23 months when taping this video. At that age she knows dozens of countries and knows where to find them on the map. I'm impressed. Ivorycoast is always a struggle to find, imho.

I'm not sure if this is innocent though, or if we should punish her parents.
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My hometown is great. But only because I've lived there for the first 18 years of my life and again during the last 6. I can't imagine that any tourist would consider staying here any longer than a couple of hours. Yet some people feel that promoting it on YouTube can't hurt. So that way I can give you all an impression about the place I was born and bred.
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Before the Young Ones or Bottom, Rick and Ade were already performing as the Dangerous Brothers. There are a few clips available on YouTube. The humor is familiar. In this scene they are explaining 'How to have it off with a lady". Informative and entertaining.
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YouTube opens my eyes sometime. For one thing, I never knew that Adolf Hitler was a Tottenham supporter. A club that has been called Jewish quite often. But there is always proof.
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Who says Germans do not have a sense of humor?
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Sometimes one encounters things, that are impossible to believe. This movie was one of them. It is not necessary to speak Spanish to understand what is happening. I, for one, can't believe people like this really exist.

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