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Finally we played again, after nearly three months winter break, this morning our first game of the second half. Not an easy one. As number three, we played against number two, one of the two opponents we lost to in the first half.

Today we fared a bit better. After scoring the 1-0 myself, we continued to play well and were 3-0 up at half time. During the second half we had to defend a lot, they tried everything they could, but couldn't score more than one, and even that one from 11 meters. 3-1 victory and back in second.

Next week we're off again, but our opponents of today have to play the league leaders. Should they win, the competition is open again. We're still contending at least...


May. 17th, 2005 10:10 pm
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Our official last game of the season was an away game to the team nearest to us. Only about 6km away. We decided to take a horse drawn carriage to get there. Breakfast while getting there, play a game and party all the way home. Even our team formation showed that it was the last game of the season, our linesman played, I didn't start. I got in the game at 2-0 down, the same score as halftime.

The referee surprised us by drinking a beer with our injured players, who started early that day. In the second half I scored 2-1, 3-2 and 3-3. The end of the game it was 6-6, crazy second half.

Afterwards we had plenty of booze aboard our slow vehicle. A few stops at bars were a nice interruption, the afternoon ended in the pub of the father of one our players. We had a fun afternoon. Needless to say that by the early evening I had drank quite enough.

One game still due, cancelled last week, but not important for the final table. Not sure if it will be played. If it is played we need at least 7 goals to become the team that has scored most goals in this season from the 8 senior and 3 youth teams of our club.


Apr. 24th, 2005 01:19 pm
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This morning we had to play away at the number 2 of the league. At home we had lost 0-8 to them and it didn't look good when leaving. We had exactly 11 players, none of them a goal keeper. 3 of them showed up late, which meant we left 20 minutes late, losing our time for a warming up.

Instead of playing as a striker, I played as a sweeper behind my defence. Surprisingly we played well. Really well. We lost 1-0, but to a goal with an air of off side, with our goal cancelled for the same reason ten minutes from time, even though it certainly wasn't correct. Own referee...

The second half our captain left the pitch injured, which meant our linesman had to play as well, something he isn't really good at. We almost snatched a point from a title candidate, no complaints there.

Extra game

Apr. 21st, 2005 10:31 pm
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Not only on sunday, this time we had a game on thursday night as well. We played away to the most unsympathetic team in our league. I remember that from the home match we lost against them, it was confirmed tonight. With their own referee giving them plenty of free kicks during the first half and our own defence playing crap, we were 4-1 down at halftime.

Wherever you play, it is common courtesy to arrange tea at half time for both your own team as the opponents. Tonight we were waiting, but never got any tea. One of our subs went to find out, noticed that the home team got some bottles of lemonade, we got nothing. Not even the decency to say that there wasn't any tea, no apology, nothing. We went to the pitch at least 5 minutes late and played a good second half.

We put them back into their own half and created plenty of chances. I scored one and gave two assists. 4-4 and had the referee not ended the game exactly on time, where several minutes of stoppage time were logical, we would have won for sure. Yet, still a point from a match where we were 4-1 down.


Apr. 10th, 2005 08:40 pm
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After losing to the league leaders last week, this week number last came to visit us this morning. Should be easy, the away match ended in a 2-4 victory for us, our first of the season.

We played crap again. I for myself can't say I played well either. I did create at least half a dozen chances for myself, but missed them all. Put others in front of the goal another handful times, they missed most of the time as well. We scored the winner a minute before time, after I got a free kick just outside the box, it went in, so 2-1 to us. 3 points and no memory.


Apr. 3rd, 2005 01:47 pm
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Weekly football update. After a few wins, even a come back victory last week, apparently my team thought we were going to get a result at the unbeaten leaders of the league. How wrong. Within a few minutes we conceded three goals. Optimistic as I am, I still didn't consider this the end of the match, even though we had hardly penetrated their half. We held that score for a few more minutes, but soon found ourselves running behind our opponents more and more. At 6-0 down I decided it was enough to suffer up front, where I didn't have many balls to play, positioned myself as a sweeper behind our defence, or whatever they called it.

3 more goals before halftime meant that I wasn't able to reorganise instantly. 9 down after 45 minutes does also mean that drinking a half time cup of tea isn't a social event. Luckily we had a chance to start the second half normally. With a better defence and a less fanatic opponent we managed to score twice. Final result: 9-2. So we did win the second half, but got trashed in the end anyway. Back to reality. 25 points behind our opponents with 7 games to go, I guess it is safe to say that a championship is out of our reach this season.
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After playing an extra match last saturday with the third team (1-1), this morning I found myself in a locker room with a team and no coach. So I took charge (I am 10 years older at least than everyone else) and put myself on the bench. Easy choice, I had played a full game only 36 hours before, I did not have to put myself on the field with a teammate on the bench and I did get the chance how good we really are.

After scoring a first, we conceded three before half time, against a team that was not really stronger than we were. Luckily our coach showed up at half time, so I didn't have to pick one to substitute myself. I played for 40 minutes in the second half, didn't score for the first time in ages, but did get us a penalty, which was then scored by a teammate to secure our victory: 5-3. It felt good, not scoring, yet feeling you can contribute. We are still undefeated after the winter and have risen from 9th to 6th in that time span. A few matches before the winter we were still 12th out of 12. Football can be fun.


Feb. 27th, 2005 11:14 pm
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For the fourth consecutive week football has been cancelled. After the spring in January, this month has brought us both autumn and winter.


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